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No doubt, you're already thinking about how you can create a mentally healthy workplace.

You are not alone; more and more workplaces are realising the impact of mental health problems at work on their people and productivity. Encouraging early help-seeking is one way to promote a mentally healthy workplace. This is where Mental Health First Aid can help.

  • Untreated Mental health conditions cost Australian business 12.8 billion a year, due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and compensation claims.

  • 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health related illness each year.

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training course which gives your employees the skills and confidence to have supportive conversations with their co-workers and help guide them to professional help if needed. It has been shown to increase knowledge, confidence and helping behaviours, and reduce stigma.


National Joblink offers onsite face to face training over 2 days, or blended online training if you have staff based throughout the region. Blended training will require some self study approx. 3-4 hours  


Included in National Joblinks’  training package is a follow up session, post training showing how best to implement MHFA training and engage all employees in creating a mentally healthy workplace. This will enable your organisation to implement  Mental Health First Aid Officer(s)


Contact NJL for a no obligation consult on how Mental Health First Aid Training can assist you in your workplace or community-based organisation.


Accreditation is available and will require a simple online test once training is complete at no extra cost. All training is conducted is under licence from Mental Health First Aid Australia


Link attached : Instructor profile




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