Tayla is driving her way to success

Tayla is driving her way to success

9 July 2024

When Tayla commenced with National Joblink and ParentsNext (PN) in April 2022 she was unsure about the program and how we could support her. She was shy and softly spoken during her first appointment and her PN mentor worked with her to create some short and long-term goals. Tayla advised that her main priority was getting her learners license and enrolling in study to gain qualifications for the future.

Tayla completed the learner driver study at home and attempted to sit the paper learner assessment at NJL. After several unsuccessful attempts Tayla and PN mentor identified that extra support may be required, and Tayla agreed to attend NJL Pre-Learner Group. After completing all 3 sessions Tayla re-sat the learner driver assessment and was successful! Tayla then enrolled in NJL driving lessons and commenced her learner driver journey!

Tayla started her driving lessons with NJL in October 2022. Through regular driving lessons with her NJL Driving Instructor, Juanita (35 in total) and support from family and friends, Tayla was able to complete all her required learner driving hours. Juanita completed a mock provisional assessment with Tayla, and she was ready to be booked in for her Provisional assessment! On May 1st, 2024, Tayla was booked in for her assessment and ready to go! The day had finally come, and Tayla passed with flying colours! She was so excited to call her PN mentor and let them know.

Tayla said, “my life has changed so much since getting my license, now I don’t have to rely on other people and can get myself to work and pick up my daughter from care”.

During Tayla’s time with ParentsNext, Tayla confided in her PN mentor and disclosed that she had low literacy skills and felt that she needed to increase this prior to enrolling in a Cert III qualification. Her PN mentor discussed the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program and Tayla agreed that enrollment in this program would be a great opportunity for her to increase her literacy skills. Talya was referred to the SEE program with Max Solutions and commenced in February 2024. Tayla has consistently attended the SEE program and PN mentor noted that Tayla’s literacy skills and confidence has increased significantly.

Tayla’s Trainer at Max Solutions, Rob, has advised Tayla that he is confident that by the end of 2024 she will have gained the basic literacy skills required to complete a Cert III qualification at TasTAFE. Tayla is extremely happy with how far she has progressed and has identified that she would like to enroll in a Cert III in Education Support at TasTAFE in 2024. Tayla feels that this qualification will allow her to find employment as a Teachers Aide and that participating with ParentsNext has provided her with a great pathway to achieve her future goals.
Tayla enjoys Art also and would like to complete a Cert III in Visual Arts as well. Tayla hopes to become an Art Teacher in the future!