National Joblink and Relationships Australia working together to support ParentsNext participants

National Joblink and Relationships Australia working together to support ParentsNext participants

22 September 2023

Over the last 5 years, National Joblink (NJL) has been actively supporting parents through delivery of the federally funded program, ParentsNext. National Joblink and ParentsNext has helped parents of young children to achieve their education and employment related goals while also supporting to remove significant barriers to these goals. An encounter at a local networking event in Hobart resulted in the development of a service-based collaboration between NJL and Relationships Australia Tasmania (RA Tas). The Women’s Support Service (RA Tas) is a key component of NJL’s holistic approach to the delivery of ParentsNext.

The Women’s Support Service provides participants with an opportunity to identify, work on and overcome a range of non-vocational challenges as a key step in their progress towards achieving their education and employment goals. Michelle facilitates the Women’s Support Service and describes it as an “extra layer of support”. It is a no cost service, supported by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women, with a simple email referral process. The service can be delivered at the most convenient location for the participant, which is most often the NJL office where they already feel comfortable. As a qualified Social Worker, Michelle offers a ‘one-stop service’ and is supporting participants across a range of issues including relationships, family violence, trauma, and parenting.

Michelle is very positive about the relationship with NJL which is built on the common underlying commitment to making a difference. Not only is NJL one of her biggest referrers in the pre-employment/employment agency space, but she also commends us on our knowledge of participants and willingness to action identified needs. She enjoys the friendly environment and approach.

Building on this solid foundation has allowed Michelle to support participants in making significant progress. Both NJL and Michelle have received positive feedback from those participants involved in the Women’s Support Service.National Joblink look forward to continuing a participant-first focused collaboration with the Women’s Support Service to help participants overcome barriers to achieve their education and employment related goals!