Murrinbi is whipping up success one dish at a time

Murrinbi is whipping up success one dish at a time

5 February 2024

Murrinbi commenced with Transition to Work in June 2023. At this time, he had very limited work history, but he was keen to gain employment although unsure on the how he could move forward. Murrinbi advised his mentors he wasn’t confident in applying for advertised positions and he also had limited transport options available to him.

Murrinbi’s TTW mentors assisted him to identify his goals and interests and, although he identified that his main goal was to gain employment, he was not sure what types of work he might enjoy. His mentors supported him in completing a career quiz as well as an assessment of his skills and strengths and through these, Murrinbi identified hospitality as an industry which
interested him. He was also supported in creating a resume and accessing and using job seeking platforms to allow him to begin searching for positions.

His mentors also connected Murrinbi with Multicultural Australia who were offering an 18-week traineeship which included a Certificate 1 in Hospitality and he was excited to gain an interview for this traineeship. Multicultural Australia contacted his mentors following his interview and commented on his developed interview skills and positive personality. Murrinbi was excited to be successful in gaining this hospitality traineeship and his mentors were able to purchase a bike to allow him to get to work each day. When he attended the National Joblink office to pick up the bike he thanked his mentors and commented that ‘no one has ever helped me this much before’.

Since starting his traineeship, Murrinbi has expressed his gratitude towards his mentors for assisting him and has commented saying ‘I love going to work every day’ and I’m so excited that I can now make spaghetti bolognaise and fresh pasta for my family’. Murrinbi is still completing his Certificate I in hospitality and is hoping to continue his career in the hospitality industry.