Support from ParentsNext has helped Andrew stay motivated and find full time employment.

Support from ParentsNext has helped Andrew stay motivated and find full time employment.

9 July 2024

When Andrew commenced with ParentsNext he wasn’t working and was living with family.  He expressed to his mentor Tess, he was very keen to obtain work to support himself and his child.  Andrew had a clear idea that he wanted to work in industry which he had prior experience in, but many of his tickets and licences needing renewing or replacing.  He and Tess spoke about the expected timeframe for Andrew to be work ready and set out a plan to work towards this goal.

With the help of the ParentsNext Participation Fund, Tess was able to commence this journey with Andrew, starting with purchasing a replacement Birth Certificate which then allowed an application to be submitted for his replacement Construction White Card and Intermediate Scaffold Ticket. ParentsNext also supported financially with a new phone to ensure Andrew could engage in job searching and employment.  Tess also provided a referral to Roseberry to support Andrew in gaining long term stable housing for his family.

As Andrew was very motivated to provide for his family, and the process of gaining tickets and licences takes some time, he engaged in other short term employment opportunities which popped up in the meantime while continuing to work towards his longer-term goal.

When all his tickets were completed and Andrew was work ready, he was very happy to gain full time employment in his industry of choice and ParentsNext supported him with providing tools, work clothing, boots and fuel to travel to his new job and short-term car registration payment. Andrew has reported that his work is going well, and it has been wonderful after sharing in his journey for the last months to see him achieve the goal he set out for.