Deanna gain the confidence and independence through the support from ParentsNext

Deanna gain the confidence and independence through the support from ParentsNext

22 September 2023

Prior to commencing with National Joblink (NJL) and ParentsNext, anytime Deanna considered getting a job she “freaked out” about every single thing as she was so self- conscious. Her employment preference was to work as a cleaner, late at night where no one could see her.

She was excited to finally be part of ParentsNext. With her NJL Mentor making appropriate referrals, Deanna quickly went to work in breaking down a range of barriers, all of which were affecting her self-esteem:

  • Attending weekly appointments with 26TEN to increase her confidence in reading and writing in front of others. Deanna said that “being linked to 26TEN made me
    realise I wasn’t as silly as I thought I was”.
  • Participating in the Women’s Support Service (Relationships Australia) to deal with those non-vocational issues/barriers as a key step in her progress towards achieving
    education and employment goals.

NJL accessed the ParentsNext Participation Fund to pay for emergency accommodation “which was massive” according to Deanna. She now has her own house. Deanna said her confidence has increased and she is taking the opportunity to be involved in a number of NJL ParentsNext activities, including: photography club, walking group, short courses and our Parents  Leadership Team.

With the use of the ParentsNext Participation Fund, most recently Deanna has enrolled in a Certificate III in Community Services and a First Aid Course, with the goal of
obtaining employment in this industry – “something I have always wanted”.

“ParentsNext helped me get my independence back which is amazing. I can now choose. It’s my house, and my job and I can consider options that I previously wouldn’t have been able to. I can choose who I want in my life, I can do it myself now. I’m not relying on others. It’s really nice to have your own independence”.