Building Confidence has changed Melissa’s outlook on life

Building Confidence has changed Melissa’s outlook on life

22 September 2023

When Melissa commenced with National Joblink in 2021 she was adamant that she did not want to be part of ParentsNext. As a single mum with 3 children, Melissa was experiencing mental health barriers. She was assisted by a social worker and was keen to apply for/receive a Disability Support Pension. Melissa was on unpaid leave from her job at Woolworths and despite having worked there for more than 15 years, was feeling anxious about returning.

To reduce this anxiety, her ParentsNext Mentor referred Melissa to Dress for Success to assist in building her confidence in returning to Woolworths. Re-joining the workforce proved to be a positive experience and helped to improve her confidence and mental health. Melissa became less reliant on her social worker, to the point that she advised “I no longer see a therapist”.

With her newfound confidence, Melissa decided it was time to “do something for me”. With support from NJL, she started to explore study options with her ParentsNext Mentor, so that she could obtain a qualification to broaden her future employment opportunities. She subsequently enrolled into a Certificate III in Aged Care through Alffie. NJL accessed the ParentsNext Participation Fund to pay for the course and laptop to help with study, Working with Vulnerable People registration, First Aid, Police Check and work clothes to help maintain her employment. The self-paced online training provided by Alffie meant that her study did not impact on her family responsibilities or employment.

To compliment her study, Melissa decided to apply for a second job (still working at Woolworths) as a Domestic Support Worker. Collaborating closely with her ParentsNext Mentor, she developed a customised resume and cover letter and was ultimately successful in her application. Melissa told her ParentsNext Mentor about her new job “I love it, being able to help them”.

Melissa has come a long way from wanting to be on a Disability Support Pension to her current goal of achieving a qualification and working two jobs. She is very appreciative of the support she has received from NJL, “I couldn’t have done it without you guys”.