Employability Skills Training (EST) is the prepare element of PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire)


It gives young people under 25 the opportunity to enhance their employability through targeted training.  Participants do not need to do both blocks, and may do them in reverse depending on their own specific training needs

Block 1 - 10 Core Skills for Work

focuses around equipping participants with pre-employment skills and understanding employer expectations.


Block 2 - Job Prep & Intensive Job Hunting

focuses around Job Seeking Skills development; ensuring participants have a great and up to date resume, can write cover letters and prepare for Interviews.  


This block also incorporates Enterprise Awareness; Visits out to employers or inviting guest speakers to talk about industry and employer expectations

NJL incorporate Virtual Reality Experience into our programs

to provide participants a 4D environment where they can receive

information on what EST is all about and how it can help them,

hear testimonials from other participants and find out how NJL’s

EST courses can assist them.

NJL is also trialing 3D Printing in some locations, bringing the future into today's classroom!

Our EST Locations & Team:


Northern Tas
Ph: 03 6334 4966

Heather King


North West Tas
Ph: 03 6432 3211

John Braslin & Linda Smith 


Hobart & Southern Tas

Ph: 0451 819 996

Kristy Harrold



Ph: 07 4041 5607

Kim Homer & Karlyn Miskle



Ph: 07 4921 3107

Clare Davey & Debbie Heinemann



Ph: 08 8983 3465

Hannah Wake



Ph: 08 8285 4695

Ben Harrold

The EST Programs are split into 2 Blocks, Courses are face-to-face in a group of up to 20 participants and run for a total of 75 hours over 3 wks

Days: 4 Days a week

Time: 9.00am to 3.45pm

Weeks: 3

Lunch: Provided Daily

Want more information?

Download NJL's EST Service Delivery Plan here

For a Text Only Version click here

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