Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

In compliance with the Australian Privacy Act, we are required to notify individuals about data breach occurrences following the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.


On the 8th February 2021 National Joblink identified a Phishing Event (between the 3rd and 9th February 2021) that resulted in an external international third party gaining access to files. 


The information contained in these files included Business Name, ABN, Contact details (Email or phone) and Business ABN.


Immediate remedial actions were undertaken to block the international access, adjust mailbox rules, purge all affected emails, conduct malware screening and increase our Anti-Spam Security.


We recommend that as a precaution you increase your overall awareness of phishing scams and educate your teams not to respond to pre-recorded voice mail or any requests that ask you to enter username and passwords or confirm any personal details.  As well as reviewing your current password management policy, the best defense against these types of attacks is regular password changes and utilising Multi-factor Authenticator logons.


Should you require further information please contact our Account Manager Nic Paley at Eaglecrest at