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Finding my dream job!

Natasha's Story 


Natasha commenced with ParentsNext in January 2022 and due to juggling family health needs, didn’t believe that National Joblink and the ParentsNext program could help her. Natasha’s ParentsNext mentor Mandie informed her of all the supports that the program could provide and connected Natasha with local community organisations that could help her and her family.

Over the next few months, Natasha gained employment but admitted that she had always wanted to pursue a career in real-estate. Unfortunately she was unable to progress towards this goal by herself because of financial reasons. Her ParentsNext mentors Mandie and Tess set out to help make that dream a reality! Natasha and her mentors proceeded to research suitable real-estate training providers. The ParentsNext Participation Fund was accessed to pay for a Real Estate Licensing Course and a laptop to enable her to complete online components from home.

Shortly after enrolling, a position with a local real-estate organisation became available. It is exceptionally rare for anyone without experience or qualifications to enter the real-estate industry but with Tess and Mandie’s encouragement, she applied for the position and was successful!


In Natasha’s own words “the support and encouragement through ParentsNext helped me to take a chance and apply, even though I firmly believed I would not be successful”.

Natasha started her new role in December 2022 and let Tess know that she absolutely loves the job and “if it had not been for the financial assistance and your amazing support, I would not have been able to do the course and move into my dream job”- Natasha

Natasha is now part-way through her course, employed in the real-estate industry and making significant strides to her final goal of working in real-estate sales.


National Joblink congratulates Natasha on the significant goals she has achieved and looks forward to hearing about all her future successes.

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